self-watering Christmas tree system

The Company
Quench-A Tree, LLC is a newly formed California limited liability company, formed to manufacture, market and distribute the patented Quench-A-Tree self-watering Christmas tree system.

The Product
The Quench-A-Tree self-watering Christmas tree product is a system for watering Christmas trees during the entire holiday season. The product is housed in a box that looks like a Christmas present under the tree, and will regulate and maintain the water level in a Christmas tree during the whole season, with only an initial set-up operation.

The Patent
The Quench-A-Tree system is patented. Blake Koch, our President, Manager, and sole Member, is the patent holder. Blake has licensed to the Company limited rights to the patent, for the purpose of manufacturing, marketing and selling the Product.

The Creation of Quench-A-Tree

It was Christmas 2003 as I sat relaxing after a difficult work week. My wife requested that I water the tree which we had just set up and decorated. As I contemplated whether I should get up from my comfortable seat to crawl around on the floor under the tree, I said to myself “there has to be a better way”.

My wife reminded me that trees tend to run out of water causing the base to develop a seal which stops the tree from drinking for the rest of the season. So to prevent it from drying out prematurely, having pine needles everywhere, and becoming a potential fire hazard, I grudgingly set about watering it. As I crawled under the tree while attempting to carry the two gallon pitcher filled with water and preservative, the water spilled everywhere.

I also found it very difficult to know when the tree stand was filled, even when I placed my finger into the stand while I poured. Thirty minutes later the tree was watered, with only a few ornaments broken. Cleaning up the mess, and now thoroughly frustrated with the entire process, I became even more convinced that there had to be a better solution to watering a Christmas tree.

Months of research were fruitless. There just wasn’t a convenient methodology available to water a Christmas tree. I decided to invent something myself. Three years later, I am very happy and proud to present Quench-A-Tree.

To the casual observer it resembles another gift under the tree. Inside the box however, is a container which holds over five gallons of water and preservative. A hose connects the container to the tree stand. The key to this entirely automatic system is my patented valve that was over two years in design and development. There is nothing like it on the planet. Quench-A-Tree maintains a constant water level in the stand, allowing the tree to stay greener longer, while maintaining the fresh pine scent all season long. It allows you the freedom to fill the tree at the beginning of the Christmas season and not worry about it again.

So, this year, I invite you to “fill it and forget it” because Quench-A-Tree simplifies the watering process.

Merry Christmas,

Blake Koch

Suggested Retail Price - $29.95


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